I work with a great deal of energy and passion; unending streams of responses to various stimuli within our socio/economic, political, cultural and environmental space. Decades of uninterrupted studio practice, searching, researching, exploring and discovering has often resulted in my desire to outdo myself.

I try to subject reality to a preferential process of selection and choosing only what is in concert or harmony with my own disposition. I allow my paintings to talk to me in a meditative engagement process in the course of my work. This dialogue has enabled me to give life to a large body of work.

The deep sincerity of overpowering passion I have for my studio practice has always made me to be professionally protective and unflappable with the rights I have over my work. This has often times been misconstrued as professional arrogance.

These are indeed troubling times. My current output includes works that attempts to reflect our dark side and the consequences of several wrong choices we have made as a nation. Negative reports have invariably overshadowed what we always assumed to be our 'normal' life. Our state of wickedness and penchant for 'man's inhumanity to man' has continued to assault our collective psyche robbing us of our genuine desire for progress.

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